Pioneers in the industry, we offer SAFETY PRODUCTS such as Afo Fire Ball and Alarm Lock from India.

Afo Fire Ball

AFO fully automatic fire extinguisher ball is made of ultrafine powder which is the German Patent product, and through national fixed fire extinguishing system and the resistance group Component Quality Supervision, Inspection and testing centres qualified. It is a light weight, effective fire a wide range, easy-to-use, automatic fire extinguishing, and also is a green, no-corrosive, no-pollution of the high-technology products.

Alarm Lock


1) Size: 9.5(H) x 9.3(W) x 3(D)cm, Shackle diameter: 9mm;
2) Main materials: Zinc alloy body, chrome finish;
3) 6 button batteries (AG13 included), battery life: 6 months;

Operating Instructions:
-Insert key,turn in a clockwise direction and remove shackle
-Replace shackle into lock with groove towards key port (see picture below)
-The lock will “beep” ,at this point remove ……the key and the alarm will set after 15 second
-When the lock is vibrated twice within 5 seconds the alarm will sound.The 5 second delay allows the lock to be opened by key without sounding
-The alarm sounds in 10 second intervals.
-Once stopped the alarm will re-set after 35 second